Fashion Trends that Swoop in like a Raven

Fashion Trends that Swoop in like a Raven

Swoops like a Raven
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The results are in, and fashion for fall 2020 is going to come in slick. It will flutter in like The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe’s infamous poem. People may not know, like in the poem, if it is a bird or a devil. That is, the fashion might impress some and for others be strange or even something that seems like a fashion faux pas.

fashionThis year has been challenging for the world, and designers are experimenting more and more. One example is with the cropped blazer. Why not? These are wild times we’re in, so the cropping on a blazer only serves to illuminate it further. While it might seem unusual, you may be used to this new trend by the wintertime. Also, prepare yourself for some warm weather this fall. One of the major styles, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, is to wear your undergarments like your bra under a sweater. Add to that, and you can don your tie-dyed bra and be extra fashionable.  Even the runways as well are confirming the intimate wear trend.


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Blue Jean Blues

According to an article by Marie Claire, the most fashionable color of the season will be blue. You can count on light blues, mediums, and darks to reign supreme. They are also highlighting red pieces. If you’ve ever wanted a bright red rain jacket, now is your time to invest in it and still blend into the crowd.

The runways are where we typically get our fashion fixes and emerging trends. The designers such as Tom Ford and others have put out metallic fashions that sparkle as a top pick. Also, any faux fur jacket, no matter how extreme, is an excellent piece with which to overlay it.

Just like the raven, black is back in style. Not that it ever left, but you can expect a sort of morbid tone to these festivities. Whether it’s a big, floppy black hat or a black silk dress, ladies should start to flock back to the black.

Brave, Bold and Beautiful

You can expect that your sheer pieces will be huge. If you are bold enough, you could get away with that cute bra and black vinyl pants combo. You might not be ready for that, though, and that’s alright as well. The runways exaggerate the trends. You can blend in by wear a semi-sheer shirt that will show an outline underneath if you can get away with it. You may not be able to pull it off in the office, though, due to dress codes. This part of the trend is more for wearing at the night club.

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Vogue just put out a piece on streetwear. Expect that the wedding aesthetic replete with the white dress will be something you will start to see. This theme was part of the runway set as well. If you’re looking to be matchy-matchy, then opt for a collection of colors rather than monochrome.

Brown and burgundy leather are back in too, and black never goes out of style!  Check out our hot new arrivals of jeans, jackets, and leggings at hotPlaydate Jeans Co.  You can still get away with being the most colorful woman on the street, though, and no one should bat an evil eye or get their feathers too ruffled! And, if you happen upon a Raven as he flits and sits, don’t take any fashion advice. He might quaff “nevermore.”

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