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Feel the Wild In and On You

Feel the Wild In and On You2020


While 2020 will surely be a wild one for the history books, it’s the year that our business plan to sell women’s clothing became a reality. Our story kicks off in Juneau, Alaska – Capital City and the heart of southeast Alaska. It’s also where we envisioned our motto: Feel the Wild In and On You.

The Chronic

At first, we had a simple goal in mind! Let’s just sell a few clothes! But the idea grew – it evolved into something much bigger. And while creating a quippy new hipster brand may have been all the rage a few years back, we feel there must be a more distinctive way for women to express themselves – like wearing clothes made by a company that builds your confidence. After some thought, it hit us. And what we set out to do would turn out to be even more diabolical than just creating a new brand, but to create a connection.

Yes, we set out to make connections: between customers, with friends, a new love interest, an old flame, and everything in-between. We want you to feel the wild in and on you and be connected with the world.

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No errors here, just a little play on words. Like we said before, we want you to feel that new connection – something that can spark new life or new love. We want you to tap into your hopes and dreams and live life wild, on your terms. Why not? Certainly, we think you deserve it. In fact, we want you to become something more! To be the best you can be possibly be – to become more than you expect. That’s what we want our brand to help you do – to be renewed and more alive than ever.

The key part of what makes hotPlaydate Jeans Co. unique is that we designed our clothes with Alaska’s spirit in mind. We began by looking for suppliers that can help support our business mission and values right from the start. That effort resulted in making our clothes affordable while maintaining great quality. Our main mission is to provide not only quality garments, but ones that make you feel more stylish and sexier, more connected to other people, and more willing to express who you are and become the woman that you have always wanted to be.

Feel the Wild In and On You

While we are entrepreneurs at heart, we also like to embrace a wild side, which is apparent in the clothes that we sell. Indeed, our idea became much more significant by being more human-connection focused. When we came up with our brand, hotPlaydate Jeans Co. we had the hope that you would find new connections! With that someone special, that deadline, that new promotion, that new play, yes … that new play you just made!  It’s fun to play and you deserve it. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Ladies, you can show off that sexy and wild side that’s perfect for parties, large and small events, or casual settings in a pair of our hotPlaydate Jeans. The best news is that hotPlaydate Jeans Co. loves to create and sell women’s items to make you feel confident in life, love, and self.

The Devil’s Collection

So, in 2020, we decided to put our plan into effect. We started our online store, gave up on tradition, and just let it rip! We started designing our clothes and began working with our overseas suppliers to help us. What resulted was another great symbiosis, to make great clothes and have the means to provide our customers. As an online clothing store for women, we know how to sell items that bring quality and a sexy, lovely style of apparel that are sure to turn heads. We want both a website and a store that is fun and user-friendly but also embraces both the wild side that is Alaska and what our company stands for.

Les Misérables

Yes, we want to make a difference in your life and hope you will show us if we have! We welcome your feedback, your photos, and even your hate mail! We welcome you to tell us about your wants, needs, insights, and any wild dreams that you may have for our product line. At hotPlaydate Jeans Co., we’re open-minded and welcome those unique ways that align you with us.

The Redemption

Welcome, and thank you for visiting and sharing a brief moment with us! We wish you the absolute best and hope to see you more and more!

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