Sitemap – Who We Are: Always Reaching Beyond

Who We Are: Always Reaching Beyond

PrimitusWho We Are: Always Reaching Beyond

While we are entrepreneurs at heart, we embrace a “wilder” side.  While this is immediately apparent in the apparel we offer, it is even more so in who we are as a company and how we are always reaching beyond.

At first, we had a simple goal in mind which was to sell a few clothes! But the idea grew – it evolved into something much bigger. And while creating a quippy new hipster brand may have been all the rage a few years back, we feel there must be a more distinctive way for women to express themselves – like wearing clothes made by a company that builds your confidence. After some thought, it hit us. And what we set out to do would turn out to be even more sinister than just creating a new brand, but to make a connection.

Who We Are: Always Reaching Beyond Ourself

As an online clothing store for women, we know how to sell items that bring quality.  We also want to deliver a sexy, lovely style of apparel that is sure to turn heads. Overall, we feel our clothes will make you feel sexier, feel more connected to other people, and make you more willing to reach beyond yourself.

Feel the Wild In and On You

Although we provide the garment, we want to help you make a real connection – life, love, and self. Even more, we set out to make connections: between customers, with friends, a new love interest, an old flame, and everything in-between.  Lastly, we want you to feel the wild in and on you and to connect with the world.

Making Our Mark

One thing we like to do is to add a touch of “wild” on each and every garment using our logo.  In effect, this symbolizes what our brand hotPlaydate Jeans Co. imbues – which is all about creating connections.  As a result, our clothes have a unique branding statement – sexy and unique, like our beautiful customers.

Our goal is to create a website and a store that is both fun and user-friendly but also embraces the wild side that is Alaska and what our company stands for.

The Mission… If You Choose To Accept

Firstly, we stand for quality. Even further, we stand for offering a great price and excellent customer service.  Our primary mission is “to provide not only quality garments but ones that make you feel more stylish and sexier.  Secondly, to help you connect more with people, and help you express the woman you are and truly want to be.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting and sharing a brief moment with us!  In essence, this is who we are – always reaching beyond! We wish you the absolute best and hope to see you more and more.

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